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Get upto 5%* on your Savings Account Balance with Alpha Monument Trust Fund.

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Dear Customer, We have launched Video KYC facility for New customer to open savings account

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Happiest Customers
in the World

Good banking is built on trust, transparency,
and integrity, forming a strong foundation for financial well-being.

Banking Made
Easy, More Secure &
More Personal

With the advent of digital banking, managing your finances has become effortless,
allowing you to access and control your accounts anytime, anywhere.

An Innovative
Framework for Your
Financial solutions

Unlock the power of financial innovation with our cutting-edge framework,
redefining the way you manage and grow your wealth.

Bank for a Better Tomorrow

Committed to helping our customers succeed.

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    Fixed Deposit

    Fixed Returns with Peace of Mind

    We give you complete guide when opening an account with us.

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    Current Account

    Banking Solutions for a Business

    Having a current account is the right choice for your business.

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    Mutual Funds

    Our Strategies for Better Returns

    Imagine investing your money in securities such as stocks and bonds.

Banking For Your Needs

The bank that builds better relationships.

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Savings & CDs

Saving is the foundation of financial security, and like a well-choosen CD.

* Interest rate up to 5% p.a

Online & Mobile banking

Empowers you to manage your financies anytime, anywhere.

* Terms & Conditions

Personal Loans

Embrace the power of possibility with a personal loan.

* Check today’s Interest Rates

Business Trust

We provide the most reliable Trust-Fund services for all account category.

* Get started with us.

Cash Management

We offer cash management services to assist companies in managing cash.

* Terms & Conditions

Business Account

We offer specialized banking services tailored to the needs of companies.

* Interest rate up to 5% p.a
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Personalize Your
Card and Stand Out
From Crowd

Use your card to transact anywhere, anytime both online transaction and also make purchases of items.

  • Online transactions made easy

  • Purchase items from walmart and other stores

Foreign Exchange Rates

The world's current exchange rates.

  • Cross Rates

  • Forex Heatmap

Questions & Answers

Find answers to all your questions about our service.

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  • What is the minimum balance?

    The lowest amount of money that must be maintained in a bank account to keep it open or avoid certain fees or penalties.

  • What is the rate of interest?

    This is the percentage charged or earned on a loan, investment, or savings account over a specified period of time. It is the cost of borrowing money or the return on investment.

  • When will I receive my account statement?

    The timing of when you will receive your account statement in the bank can vary depending on several factors, including the policies and procedures of the bank.

  • Can I use any branch across the globe?

    You can use branches of a bank across the globe, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind such as local regulations, bank networks and currency.

  • How safe/secure is our internet banking a/c?

    We regularly update and patch our systems to address security vulnerabilities and stay ahead of emerging threats. We work closely with security experts and follow industry best practices to ensure the ongoing security of our internet banking account.

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